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We offer this FREE 5 day Masterclass with gratitude and the intention to support you on your journey.

We will cover:

***Types of Empaths

***Cleansing Our Energetic Field

***Grounding & Centering Techniques

***Quick & Easy Self Healing

***Meditation & Mindfulness

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About Us

A sibling team with many years of experience in healing, mediumship, cleansing, and energetic protections.  The Lady specializes as an intuitive energy healer and spiritual consultant with over a decade of experience and formal training.  The Sage specializes in cleansing, energetic protections, evicting negative spirits and freeing trapped ones.  Their clients benefit from a joint approach, with their complimentary gifts creating a more complete solution to many challenges. 

As a mother of two, the Lady is passionate about using her gifts and experience to help other parents or caregivers with intuitive, sensitive and/or empathic children to understand and nurture their children and create a peaceful home environment.

 Services are available in-person or via distance.

Misty Woodland



"Something in my home one day just felt "off".  It made me very uneasy and uncomfortable.  Jonathan and Melissa were able to restore the good energy in and around my house.  I feel protected and at ease knowing they have cleansed the space.

They are two of the loveliest people you will ever meet. No question or issue is too big for them and they approach everything with upmost respect and professionalism. Their years of experience shows in the knowledge they have for what they do both together and separately. There are not enough words to express how much I appreciate them."


"I am so thankful for Melissa and how she has helped me with my anxiety! It is really bad and I have tried everything to help but the Healing Touch worked so well for me. It completely changed my life. She also helps me understand why I am the way I am with being an empath and I like her videos because it teaches me how to cope and control these things everyday:) Her treatments are worth it 100%"


"I've known Melissa for years. She has worked her Healing Hand on me a few times....once after falling badly in an icy parking lot and afterwards I was able to move pain free.

This time, Jonathan worked on the negative energies that we holding me down from reaching my goals in life and business. I feel happier and less weighted down as I did before.


Thank you both! I have been endorsing you both to others!"


"I was introduced to Melissa through a friend after I had reached out for help with some unnerving energies.  Melissa helped me in so many ways, I am having trouble finding the words to explain.  She helped me to use my own gifts to communicate with spirit and confirmed the messages I was receiving.  It was a very enlightening experience and Melissa was a terrific guide.

She and her brother cleansed my home and offered protection over my family.  I am so grateful for this protection, I can feel it's warmth all around us.  I am excited to continue to explore my gifts and delighted that I have the continued support of Lady and Sage."


"I have been a client of Melissa's for a number of years now...  Over this time, I have come to learn from her many positive ways to take care of my mind, body and spirit.  She is passionate about her craft, empathic and intuitive, which makes her an extremely gifted Healing Touch Practitioner and Energy Healer.  She is able to quickly identify blockages in the chakras on goes on to create balance in the energetic systems of the body within one session.  Leaving the body calmer, healthier, open and balanced.  Melissa's many years of experience, her connection to Source and her innate talent are very apparent.  I would recommend her talents to any and everyone.  If you are open to the experience, or even a skeptic, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Melissa is a true healer!"


"My home is open and filled with light now. We're all calmer and happier. I was skeptical about the clearing and protection being done "long distance," but what a difference! Thank you, Lady and Sage!"

"There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.  We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain.  Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways."